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I am Puerto Rican, from Santurce.  I came from a family of 9 siblings including me, my mother and my father.  Unfortunately I lost most of them.  I used to work as a Secretary.    I have 3 daughters and 8 precious grandchildren.  I want to mention that, me and my mother took care of my nephew Alex since he had 7 days of born, he got married and have 2 adorable children that I love a lot and for me they are my grandkids too, meaning that I have a total of 10 grandchildren.

I love to write poems, most of them in Spanish and some of them in English, in which I am personally identify with most of them.  My dream and personal interest is to publish my own book of poems.  I pray the Lord to give me the opportunity to see my dream come true.  I also like to collect movies, old car toys, specially from  the year 1950 (when I was born) and elephant figurines, because elephants are the most intelligent animals in the whole world.    I am friendly, and I like to make friends to talk about other countries culture, specially about my country, Puerto Rico.

I am very interested in all of you to visit my website so you can see pictures about the more important and beautiful places from my country, talk about our delicious food, our typical music and dance, specially our music instruments like The Cuatro, The Guitar, The Maracas, The Guiro, The Congas and The Bongos (well known as Latin percussion).   I know you will enjoy it!

Come visit my website to share all beautiful pictures from my country, family photos and videos and some of my poems, I am sure you will enjoy it!

I hope this website could be one of your favorites and please come as many times as you want.  I want you to share my website with your friends and family and don't forget to sign my guestbook every time you visit my website.


The Old San Juan


Reference:  Photo took from a Calendar


The Old San Juan Balconies




Back of La Fortaleza, San Juan Gate and Way to the El Morro



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